Log-in & Profile Instructions for KIPCUG Members

KIPCUG Members are able to maintain their own profile information.

Member Sign-inLocate the Sign-in box in the lower left of "Home" web page and enter your E-mail and Password.

If this is your first time to log-in or you have forgotten your Password, click "Forgot Password." On the next page you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. We will e-mail you the steps to create/change your own Password.
(Passwords created before June 8, 2010 will not work.) 

You can also click here to begin: Forgot password

Please remember your own Password -
KIPCUG does not track or remember your specific log-in identity.

Once you have sucessfully logged-in, the box changes.

logged-in box


It now shows a link to "View profile."

Use the link to edit your own information.


You will see your person information AND you may decide what is visible in the "Members-Only Directory."  Nothing is visible outside KIPCUG Membership!

  1. Verify that your Membership details are what you expected.
    Notice the "Renew bar." You will use it to renew your Membership when appropriate.

  2. If you have a Family or Corporate Membership, there will be a "Bundle summary" section.
    Please click "Add Member" and add your additional members to your membership. They will become full KIPCUG Members and your profiles will be linked.

    We use your E-mail address as the key field in the data base so every member has to have a unique E-mail address. If your member doesn't have their own address, please enter their name AND @NoEmail.com as a fake address. If you use the fake address, they can use it for logging in and editing their own profile.

  3. The links at the top of the page are:

    "Edit profile" -- Allows you to edit your information

    "My directory profile" -- See what is visible in the "Members Only Directory"

    "Privacy" -- Allows you to change what other Members can see
                     (See next graphic)

    "E-mail subscriptions" -- You may opt-out of our E-mails. Caution: If you opt-out, you will miss out announcements and special deals that come up on short notice.  The option is for members that have the "fake e-mails" and such messages would bounce.

    "Photo albums" -- Allows you to make available photos to other members

    Member Profile

  4. "Privacy" Link Information

    Your first option is to "Allow to show profile."  We recomend that you leave it checked and then choose exclude items that you don't want other Members to see!

    Choose the appropriate button for each line item.

    If you do not want very many items visible, we suggest leaving only 3 items visible to Members: First and Last Name PLUS "Send Message form."  Your name would be listed PLUS a contact form link. The form allows another Member to contact you without knowing (exposing) your address.

    Visible profile items

  5. Don't forget to click the "Save" button on each page that you change


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